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Grade 3: English-Language Arts


Writing Strategies (Performance Level: Proficient) – Question 02

Tara’s teacher asked the students to write a paragraph. Here is the first draft of Tara’s paragraph.
It contains errors.


           (1)  Australia is a good place. (2) For one thing, I would like to see kangaroos
hopping around as you go down the highway. (3) Would also like to see koalas.
(4) It is fun to see these animals in zoos, but I would rather see them free.
(5) Besides having interesting animals, Australia has many kinds of land.
(6) There are great beaches. (7) I’ve also seen pictures of strange rock shapes in
the middle of the wild land. (8) I’d love to see them up close! (9) Finally, I would
like to meet many Australian people. (10) I think Australia would be a great place
to visit.


After sentence 9, Tara should add a
sentence that explains

A   what kinds of animals can be seen in

B   which countries she has already visited.

C   why she would like to meet Australian

D   where she would like to go after


  1. 23% of students gave this response.
  2. 8% of students gave this response.
  3. 56% of students gave this response. (Correct Response)
  4. 12% of students gave this response.

Note: Percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

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